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Revenge at college 2

Date: 04/25/2023 | Category: Femdom

Revenge at college 2
This animation will cost 5 points after (April 27th, 2023), before this day, all supporters can watch.

Continuing the humiliation the boy suffered on Revenge at college, now, he is tiny and totally dominated by the schoolgirl who will do more things such as masturbate on him, make him lick her socks, he will be thirsty so she will spit on his mouth, she will make him suck her boobs and in the end, she will talk on the cellphone with her boyfriend, so to avoid the tiny boy escape, she will sit down on him and will be very relaxed releasing some farts on him. The last fart she will do is so strong and the tiny boy will not resist, ending up turned into a skeleton.

The full animation is 23:54 minutes and 1,28 GB divided in 2 parts.



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