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Rivals Shodown RPG

Date: 08/27/2023 | Category: Femdom
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Rivals Shodown RPG
When I published the School Defenders game, I started to think on more detailed histories for all these characters and I first created a prototype for a fighting game, it was good but not what I want yet, then I created a prototype for a point and click game too, good but not what I want yet, after 1 year of dilemas, I finally decided to launch these histories in RPG too. I believe RPG is the best way to tell a history, to make the player play in any device and to play the animations too. In the first Rivals Shodown game I`ll release, you will play as the Shadow 04 first, he is one of the Blackstar agents that will fight the girls in the college to allow his invasion.

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All characters are fictional, aged 18 or older, even if specified otherwise.
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