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Cheelai`s Gossip Part 1

Date: 03/31/2024 | Category: Femdom
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Cheelai`s Gossip Part 1
This is the part 1 of the animation, it's an explanation (prelude) of the planned upcoming events that will be introduced on the next parts of this history.

In this 3:09 minutes animation, you can expect to see dialogues and the overall introduction of the history like Cheelai talking with other soldiers on cafeteria, Frieza talking to his dad, Frieza checking security cameras and Cheelai inviting Frieza to sit on her lap again.

Animation History

It was a normal day on Frieza's ship with all Frieza's soldiers hanging out on the ship's cafeteria, the ship is heading to the Earth, because Frieza plans to conquer this planet.

During the conversations, one of the Frieza's soldiers (Cheelai, a very beautiful alien girl) says something really not expected about Frieza, and her comment makes other soldiers start to think Frieza may be girlish. Cheelai talks about Frieza sitting on her lap other day, which makes him look girlish, instead of a powerful monster.

These rumors in the ship are enough to make King Cold (Frieza's dad) really mad, now, he wants to kill whoever started these rumors about Frieza, in order to save their reputation of evil leaders. Frieza seems to enjoy sitting on Cheelai's lap and he wants to do it again, but at the same time, he doesn't want to disappoint his dad.

Will Frieza accept to be Cheelai's gay friend and embrace this girlish side he has, or he will punish Cheelai and regain his reputation of an evil monster?



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