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Freeza vs Cheelai

Date: 05/03/2020 | Category: Vore
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Freeza vs Cheelai
Cheelai was a loyal soldier working for Freeza`s army, but when she saw her friend Broly in trouble, she decided to steal the dragon balls to help him, she also asked Shenlong to protect her in case Freeza hunts her.

She escaped to Broly`s planet to live there with him, but Freeza decided to have his revenge and went to the planet to kill her.

When Freeza managed to land the planet and approached Cheelai to kill her, he started to shrink in front of her.

In this short animation (1:37), Cheelai will eat Freeza and fart his soul, this category (vore + soul fart) was suggested long time ago by a member, so, this is dedicated to him too and all my dear subscribers. Hope you like it =)



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